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Here you can download PT models and updates.

| X |   Project Tupolev Tu-154B2 v9.4
Long-awaited PT Tu154B2 v9.4. This version is not an update, it is new full package of Tupolev, so it is recommend to delete previous versions and updates of PT. It can be done manually or through menu Start->Project Tupolev Tu154B2.

PT Tu154B2 v9.4 includes:
New visual model in 2 variants (with VC or without it).
New realistic sounds.
New flight dynamic and control.
Full functional fuel/electric/hydraulic systems.
New Pax/Fuel loader.

4 different textures: Siberia 85402, Ural 85508, KrasAir 85529, and also Siberia 85556 in memory of awful tragedy over Rostov in August 2004, crew and passengers of this plane.

Also there are new documentation included in PDF, including Engslish Manual.

|::|  Download (54mb)

Also file is available at FSNORDIC
14 March, 2005

| X |   Project Tupolev Tu-154B2 9.4->9.5 UPDATE
Originally planned as patch, but now a spectacular update.
In FS 2004, we have a great weather system with beautiful textures, but where are the important dangers of weather?

Now we start to let you feel them :
- Weather dependent braking and friction coefficients. On wet, snowy and icy runways, don't waste a single meter of available runway at touchdown.
- Temperature dependent engine performance. Better think before about safe takeoff and initial climb on a really hot day !

Experience a new dimension of realistic flight planning and simulation !!

Also in the update, a new and easier to handle Joystick interface with more axes and button functionality, VC night textures and a revised manual.

The file is available at FSNORDIC

23 may, 2005

| X |   Project Tupolev Tu-154B2 9.5->9.5.2 UPDATE
This program will update PT Tu-154B2 v9.5 up to 9.5.2

- Joyservice gauge updated!
- FSUIPC FREE model!
- Flight dynamic updated.
- Friction coefficients updated.
- RSBN version 2.11

Version only for FS2004! And no fs2002 support in future :(

|::|  Download (4mb) / server-1
16 july, 2005


| X |   Meteo-Station "PT GROZA-154"
Works with any weather-generating software.

FSUIPC - free. Only for FS9.

|::|  Download (80kb) / server-1
|::|  Information and Manuals in English
30 july, 2005