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Answers to some frequent questions.
27 january, 2004г

Q: Where is the file fs9.cfg located, i need to add some string about fssound.dll there
A: It is located in C:\Documents and Settings\!USERNAME!\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9

Q: How to open engine-start panel at the flight engineer place?
A: You should make right mouse button click one the right side of closed panel.

Q: I'm getting dark screen and FS restarting with your model A: Check version of FsSound.dll in fs\modules folder. Version 1.6.00 is not compatible with Project Tupolev. You can delete this file and reinstall model - installer will update it with correct version.

Q: How to make NVU Calculator works correctly with english windows system?
A: In Windows "Control Panel" find "Regional and Language Options". Choose "Regional Options" mode and in upper selection choose "Russian", in Advanced mode in "Language for non-Unicode programs" menu select also "Russian".